Russia and Turkey run a new joint patrol west of Ain Al-Arab city • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Russia and Turkey run a new joint patrol west of Ain Al-Arab city

SOHR activists reported that the Russian forces and their Turkish counterpart launched a new joint-patrol in villages, west of Ain Al-Arab (Kobani). The patrol was escorted by two Russian helicopters and planned to tour the villages of Shammah, Jarqili, Qarran, Dakemdash, Kharkhuri, Buyan, Saftik and Tal Sha’ir.


Reliable sources also told the Syrian Observatory that residents of Jarqili village waited on the road, where the patrol was expected to pass, in order to pelt it with stones and rotten vegetables and express their resentment towards the Turkish presence in their areas.

This is the 21st patrol of kind to be run since joint patrols between the Turks and the Russians started in early November.

On January 6, SOHR sources reported that the Russian and Turkish forces conducted a new joint patrol of four Russian vehicles and three Turkish ones, in the western countryside of Al-Darbasiyah city. The patrol was launched this morning from Sherik area at the border strip and toured Salam Alik village, Otayshan, Karkand, Ta’alak, Qayrawan, Zahr Al-Arab and Al-Kesrah, then it returned again to Sherik.

SOHR sources said that the joint patrol passed through Zahr Al-Arab checkpoint of the Internal Security Forces (Asayish).

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