The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkey continues to evade paying compensations to owners of land used as military bases

The Turkish forces stationed in observation posts and military bases in North Syria, are still refraining to pay the rent of lands on which these posts and bases are established. The Turks also seized other lands and turned them into military bases, like Kaljibrin military base in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

According to very reliable SOHR sources; the Turks established a military base in Kaljibrin area years ago, after they had seized lands there by force. They felled 3000 olive and pistachio trees whose ages exceeded tens of years, and only gave false promises to give compensations to the owners of these lands.

The area’s residents appealed, through the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, to the Turkish authorities to give compensations to the land owners.

On January 6, the Syrian Observatory activists reported that Turkish forces, stationed at “Observation” post in the town of Morek in northern rural, continue to refrain from paying the rent of the land on which its post is located.

SOHR reliable sources confirmed that the Turks had not paid the land’s rents due for a year and a half to its owner (M.M.).

“Although the land owner agreed with (Al Sham Corps) faction, which has close ties to Turkey, that the lessee has to pay $700 for each dunam of land, however, nothing like this has happened, as the Turks have never paid the rents due, moreover, the contract expired in early June and was not renewed despite the fact that Turkish forces remained in positions, but on the contrary, Turkish forces expanded their presences by taking more ground and started cutting down pistachio trees”, SOHR sources added.

(M.M.) tried hard to collect his dues repeatedly, without any result as “Turkish officers” saying that they had informed their leaders and were awaiting a response. “The landowner complained to “Al Sham Corps” faction as it has close ties to Turkey, but in vain”, SOHR sources added.

The ninth Turkish post in Morek was to monitor the “ceasefire”, but it only monitored the advance of regime forces and Russians and took control over the entire northern rural Hama over the past months, as the post became within the areas of influence of regime forces.