Two children killed in arson attack in 'Al Hool mini-state' camp • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Two children killed in arson attack in ‘Al Hool mini-state’ camp

Al-Hasakah governorate – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: Reliable sources informed the Syrian Observatory that two children died and their mother was injured, after a fire broke out in a tent in ‘Al Hawl mini-state’ camp in far southern rural Al-Hasakah.

The burn victimes are families of ISIS group of Turkish nationality, the fire is likely to have been caused by extremist women of the group families’ members.

Yesterday, the Syrian Observatory reported that the body of a woman killed by extremist women was found in al-Hawl camp in rural Al Hasakeh province. According to the Syrian Observatory sources, the victim refused to apply the ideology of the “Islamic State” before she was killed.

On January 8, members of the Internal Security Forces (Asayesh) found the body of an Iraqi refugee in al-Hawl camp in far south-eastern state rural Al Hasakeh, killed by a hammer and a sharp instrument by “extremist” women of “Islamic State” families, the victime was killed because of her refusal the group’s ideology, where these kinds of incidents have become frequently repeated within ‘Al Hawl mini-state’ camp.

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