The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Russia renews bombardment on rural Aleppo leaving many civilian casualties

Activists told SOHR that Russian warplanes carried out 21 raids since morning on areas in the western countryside of Aleppo, targeting places in Kafr Naha, firs rural Al-Muhandiseen, Shamiko, Al-Zerbah, Al-Mansurah and Kafr Jum.

One civilian was killed in the bombardment on rural Al-Muhandiseen, in addition to the injury of other civilians.

On the other hand, regime ground forces have been still continuing their rocket shelling on different areas in the western countryside of Aleppo, and other areas in Maarrat Al-Nu’man city and countryside.

Meanwhile, areas east of Saraqib city are witnessing ongoing clashes between factions and jihadi groups against regime soldiers and loyalists.

Hours ago, the Syrian Observatory reported that a new massacre carried out by Russian warplanes targeted Bala village of Anjara area in western rural Aleppo, a man, his wife and their two children were killed in the bombardment that took place on Saturday morning.

Russian warplanes carried out raids today morninng on Daraa Azza, Kafrnaha, Anjara, Al Qasimiyah area, west of Aleppo, and Marshorin in rural Ma’rat al-Numan, while regime forces bombed areas in Ma’ar shorin, Telmanas and Ma’ar shmasha.

Meanwhile, violent battles continued between regime forces and loyalists on one side, opposition factions and jihadist groups on the other, on frontlines in eastern rural Idlib, in renewed attempts by regime forces to recapture the positions they lost on Friday.