المرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

In two months, prices double in Idlib… families live austerity to overcome the shortage

The Syrian pound fell to its lowest level, as its exchange rate at recorded 1,250 Syrian pounds per 1$, after it used to be 700 Syrian pounds back in November 2019 per 1$.

Areas of control of “Hayyaat Tahrir al-Sham” and the factions northwest of Syria are witnessing a significant rise in prices of food, as prices have doubled from what they were two months ago, also trading stopped completely due to the rise in fuel prices, which affected all aspects of life.

At the same time, Idlib residents are living a difficult humanitarian situation, in the light of the spread of random camps following the recent displacement of people from Maarrat al-Nu’man and Saraqib and their countryside.

Idlib markets have witnessed a significant decline in the purchase of essential needs, also people are not buying basic items they need in each winter of supplies for each family, they also had to reduce the monthly allocations of items that considered to be key in daily meals, and some have even canceled a daily meal and kept two meals to cope with the new situation, which is getting worse day after day.

On the other hand, unemployment is spreading among young people, who preferred to join the rebel factions to get a food basket to feed their families, and most of those with professions and craftsmen are now tied within everyone’s overall economic situation.

The areas that are controlled by “Hayyaat Tahrir al-Sham” and the factions are considered free economic zone directly affected by the exchange rates, also it is affected by the political decision controlled by Turkey through the only crossing point, “Bab al-Hawa”.

According to the “Syrian Observatory’s” sources, the dollar price of some goods that arrive through “Bab al-Hawa” crossing increased from their previous dollar price, for example, a ton of sugar increased $40 from its usual price.

The markets recorded a crazy rise in prices of materials imported from “Bab al-Hawa” crossing, and according to what the “Syrian Observatory” documented, in early November 2019 the prices of some food, supplies, and fuel in the northern countryside of Idlib were as follows: the gasoline 650 SYP, diesel 550 SYP, gas cylinder 7,000 SYP, while the current prices have risen to 1,000 SYP per gasoline liter, 950 SYP per diesel, and more than 11,000 Syrian pounds for home gas cylinder.

Also, the prices of many commodities that depend on fuel -most importantly of which is bread-, where the bag of bread is sold for 400 SYP, while in November it used to be sold for 250 Syrian pounds.

The price of one kilo imported sugar doubled from 350 to more than 800 Syrian pounds.

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