The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Including support for key foodstuffs and market monitoring, the “Autonomous Administration” announces decisions to avoid the economic crisis northern and eastern Syria

A meeting took place today for the offices, committees, and economic bodies of the Autonomous Administration of the north and east of Syria, it was held at the headquarters of the Executive Council of Al-Jazeera Area in Township in Hasakah countryside, where the meeting discussed the economic crisis that is ravaging northern and eastern Syria, they also discussed the reasons and alternatives to avoid this crisis.

In its final statement, the “Autonomous Administration” came up with several resolutions that “aim to serve the people and avoid the effects of the economic crisis,” it confirmed, the most important of which were: “supporting the key foodstuffs in the area such as tea, sugar, rice, oil, baby milk and other supplies, and distributing them at their cost and wholesale prices, while keeping the prices of fuel, bread, and fuel as is, in addition to increasing ration control in the markets northern and eastern Syria, to control prices and prevent manipulation.”

The Autonomous Administration said it will promote and support local industries and agriculture and support those sectors to achieve self-sufficiency.