The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Russian jets bomb Kafr Ta’al village, killing a family of eight, including six children in western rural Aleppo

Syrian Observatory sources report a new massacre carried out by Russian jets in “Putin-Erdogan” area, nine civilians were killed in Russian raids on a farm in the vicinity of Kafr Ta’al village in western rural Aleppo, a man and his wife and their six children, in addition to another man.

The civilian death toll in Russian shelling since the morning has reached 12 persons, including seven children, the death toll is expected to rise as there are wounded in several areas, some in serious condition.

The number of raids carried out by Russian jets since the morning has increased to nearly 34, targeted areas in Telmanas, Ma’ar shorin, Ma’ar shamarin, Deir Soonbol, Masaran, the vivinity of al-Bara in south and south-east rural Idlib, Kafrnaha, Kfar Da’ail, al-Mansoura, Al-Andumi factories, Rihab, al-Abzamo, Al-Azamu, Taaqad and the vicinity of the 46th regiment and Jabal Sheikh Barakat west of Aleppo city, Jabal Sheikh Barakat includes Turkish internet towers, Russian raids caused damage to some of them and shutdown of internet services.