Russian jets renew bombardment on rural Aleppo, killing two women • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Russian jets renew bombardment on rural Aleppo, killing two women

Syrian Observatory sources report that airstrikes renewed on “Putin-Erdogan” area on Wednesday morning, after an uneasy calm that prevailed in the area after midnight, regime and Russian jets conducted extensive overflights over the area.

Russian jets carried out intensive raids on Bashantra, Kfar Da’ail, al-Mansoura, 46th regiment, Bashqatin, Al-Atareb, Kafrnaha, al-Rashidin in western Aleppo, and Abu Jreif frontline east of Idlib. Two women killed and several people injured, including a child girl as a result of Russian shelling on a camp area in the vicinity of Al-Atareb.

Regime jets returned to fly over the area after a temporary cessation of aerial operations for four days, where seven jets consecutively carried out intensive raids on al-Rashidin frontline, Kafrnaha, Khan al-Asal and al-Mansoura west of Aleppo.

One civilian was killed by a rocket attack carried out by regime forces after midnight on areas in Telmanas town in southern rural Idlib.

Yesterday’s civilian death toll in Russian airstrikes rose to 27 persons, including 14 children, of whom ten civilians of displaced families, including two women and at least four children, as a result of shelling on Kafr Nooran town in rural Aleppo, and a man, his wife and their six children and another man have been killed as a result of the shelling on Kafr Ta’al village, west of Aleppo.

Two men were killed in shelling on the outskirts of Al-Bara, south of Idlib, and two children displaced from rural Hama, were killed in Russian shelling on Gedraya village, west of Aleppo, and a girl child displaced from Al-Hobait, killed in shelling on Arhab, west of rural Aleppo, a child was killed in shelling on Taqad in rural Aleppo, and two civilians as a result of shelling on an industrial facility in Kafrnaha town in rural Aleppo as well.

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