The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Three children among a family of five killed in a massacre by Russian jets on Saraqib

Syrian Observatory activists documented the killing of five civilians (a man, his wife and their three children) from the eastern countryside of Hama, in a massacre carried out by Russian jets after targeting their house in a farmland, east of Saraqib town in the eastern countryside of Idlib.

Separately, regime jets have been carrying out intensive raids since morning, targeting places in Kafr Nubl, Maarshmarin and Maarrat Al-Nu’man in Idlib countryside, and Al-Zarbah, Khalseh and IKARDA area in Aleppo countryside.

Meanwhile, helicopters dropped several barrel bombs on Maarrat Al-Nu’man, Maarshamsheh, Khan Tuman, Khalseh, Jabal Shuwayhana and Al-Leiramon in the south and north-west of Aleppo.

Also Russian jets targeted places in Al-Arba’in, Arnabah, Juzif, Tal Musaytif, Saraqib, Ariha, Tal Debs, Abu Al-Duhur, Kafr Hamrah, Al-Leiramon, the vicinity of Kafr Naha, Tal Shuwayhana, the area of the scientific research center, Khan Tuman and Khalseh.