Massacre in rural Idlib carried out by Russian “guarantor’s” warplanes and 120 airstrikes target the “de-escalation” area • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Massacre in rural Idlib carried out by Russian “guarantor’s” warplanes and 120 airstrikes target the “de-escalation” area

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented today a massacre carried out by the Russian jets, which killed 6 people and injured about 15 others in Kafrlateh village in Ariha countryside.

At the same time the citizens are displacing from the village towards different areas of Idlib countryside.

The Syrian Observatory documented the death of a citizen as a result of bombing by regime’s warplanes on Saraqib city.

Meanwhile, the warplanes Russian bombarded towns and villages of Bsaqla, Maarzita, Kafr Amim, and Kafr Nubl city in Idlib countryside, and al-Sermaniyyeh in the northwestern countryside of Hama.

This brings the number of Russian strikes to 82, they targeted Bsaqla, Hass, Kafr Nubl, and the southern countryside of Aleppo.

The number of strikes by regime warplanes also increased to 26, targeting Kafr Amim, Mardebseh, Khan al-Sobol, and areas in Jabal al-Zawiya.

The number of barrel bombs dropped by helicopters on Kafr Amim and the southern countryside of Aleppo has also risen to 12.

Since Friday evening, the regime forces have imposed their control over 29 villages and towns: Telmans, Ma’ar Shmasha, Deir Sharqi, Deir Al-Gharbi, Ma’ar Shmarin, Ma’rata, Al-Ghadfa, Ma’ar Shourin Al-Za’alana, Al-Dana, Tal Sheikh, Sawami’e, Khirbet Mezyan, Masaran, Bsida, Taqana, Babolin, Kafr Bassin, Marhatat, Hamidia, Dar Al-Salaam, Salhia, Kafruma, Maarrat Al-Nu’man city, Wadi Al-Daif, Hantutin, Al-Jarrada, Al-Ruwayha and Al-Qahiryah).

In Aleppo, regime forces captured five areas: Khan Tuman warehouses, Tal Al-Zaytun, Al-Rashideen fifth sector, the area of Al-Sahafiyeen Housing, and Ma’rata.

Observatory activists also documented gross human losses in the ranks of both warring forces who have been killed in bombardment and fierce clashes since the evening of the 24th of January 2020, they are 140 jihadis among 179 opposition fighters were killed so far, in addition to the killing of 163 regime soldiers and loyalists.

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