Seven Turks killed or injured in land-mine explosion as Turkish forces loot grain silos in Tal Abyad • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Seven Turks killed or injured in land-mine explosion as Turkish forces loot grain silos in Tal Abyad

Activists informed the Syrian Observatory that a land-mine went off while Turkish forces were looting grain from silos of Tal Abyad city to transport them to Turkey. The explosion killed two Turkish drivers and injured five others some of whom are in critical condition.

Observatory activists reported on January 16 that a violent explosion hit Suluk town in the northern countryside of Raqqa, which is controlled by Turkish forces and Syrian proxies factions, caused by a car-bomb targeted the headquarters of “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” faction in the town.

The attack killed seven Turkish-backed fighters, including a prominent leader in ”Ahrar al-Sharqiya”, and three Turkish soldiers were also killed, the death toll is expected to rise as many of the injured in a serious condition. Further fatalities were reported.

On January 9, SOHR sources have also reported hearing a loud explosion in Ras Al-Ain area that is under control of Turkish forces and their proxies. It turned out to be caused by a car-bomb explosion in Meshrafa village in Ras Al-Ain city (Sere Kaniye).

The explosion injured many people amid information about the killing of one person at least.

On the same day, SOHR reported that it obtained more details about the two explosions which hit NE Syria yesterday.

Sources informed SOHR that seven Turkish soldiers were killed in the bomb attack that targeted their checkpoint near Abdeen Gas Station in Um Oshbah village in Ras Al-Ain countryside (Sere Kaniye). The death toll is expected to increase due to the presence of seven other injuries including five whose conditions are critical.

SOHR also documented the killing of six members of the “National Army” after the explosion of a car bomb at a joint checkpoint between the Turkish forces and the National Army, in Al-Arba’in village in the same countryside.

It is noteworthy that this has been the largest death toll ever among Turkish forces in a single attack since Turkey started their military operations in Syria.

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