Internal Security Forces bring down smuggling operation of IS families' members from "al-Hawl mini-state" southeast of al-Hasakeh • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Internal Security Forces bring down smuggling operation of IS families’ members from “al-Hawl mini-state” southeast of al-Hasakeh

Hasaka Governorate – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: Reliable source informed SOHR that the Internal Security Forces have foiled the smuggling of women of Islamic State (IS) families’ members in “al-Hawl” camp in the far southeast of al-Hasaka.

According to Syrian Observatory sources, the six women who tried to escape were of Turkish, Dagestan, Georgian and Chechen nationalities, including nine of their children, however, Internal Security Forces managed to injure one smuggler and arrested him, while the other escaped after foiling the smuggling operation.

On January 25, the Syrian Observatory reported that “al-Hawl” camp administration transferred 21 orphan children from “al-Hawl mini-state” to Roj camp in rural al-Malikiyah, including foreigners of different nationalities, French, Dagestan, and Egyptians.

SOHR sources added that preparations are being made to send them to their countries.

Meanwhile, 203 orphan children of the “Islamic State” families’ members remained in “al-Hawl mini-state” of the total number of 224 children.

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