The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkey’s involvement in Libya war: 4,700 Syrian mercenaries volunteer to go to Libya, 72 mercenaries killed in Tripoli so far and 64 others cross to Europe

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights still monitor the developments of the Turkish operations to send Syrian fighters to Libya

The registration of volunteers who desire to engage the war in Libya is growing considerably, along with the arrival of more batches of mercenaries in Libya.

SOHR sources report that the number of recruits who arrived in Tripoli up to date, rose to nearly 2,900, while nearly 1,800 others arrived in Turkey to undergo training courses.

Recruitment spreads widely in Afrin, areas under control of “Euphrates Shield” factions and NE Syria region. The volunteers are fighters of the factions “al-Mu’tasim Division, Sultan Murad, Suqur Al-Shamal Brigade, Al-Hamzat, Al-Sham Corps, Suliman Shah and Samarkand Brigade”.

The recruitment of more fighters is continuing despite the popular discontent against the Turkish operation of sending Syrians to Libya at the same time when they have to stay to repel the Russian and regime operations in Idlib and Aleppo.

Reliable sources informed the Observatory that nearly 64 fighters of those who have already arrived in Libya, infiltrated to Europe. SOHR activists also documented a spike in the number of Syrian mercenaries who joined the military operations in Libya and killed there, to 72, all of the factions “al-Mu’tasim Division, Sultan Murad, Suqur Al-Shamal Brigade, Al-Hamzat and Suleiman Shah”.

According to very reliable SOHR sources, the fatalities were killed in clashes in Salah Al-Din in the south of Tripoli, frontline in Al-Ramlah near Tripoli Airport, and Al-Hadabah Project area. The casualties are taken to three medical points (Al-Mashtal Sanitarium, Qaddour Sanitarium, Ghout Al-Sha’al Sanitarium).