The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

HTS opens new front in Jam’eyyat Al-Zahraa west of Aleppo with fierce attack initiated by three car-bomb explosions

Syrian Observatory sources have reported that opposition factions and jihadi groups unleashed fierce attack on positions on positions of the regime forces and loyal militias in Jam’eyyat Al-Zahraa. HTS initiated the attack with detonating three car-bombs, two car-bombs were detonated with the drivers in and the third one was remotely detonated.

The fierce clashes are accompanied by intensive shelling by both parties along with the fall of shells on the neighborhoods of Al-Zahraa, Al-Shahbaa and Halab Al-Jadidah within the western part of the regime-controlled city of Aleppo.

The clashes, shelling and car-bomb explosions left many casualties.

Observatory activists also documented gross human losses in the ranks of both warring forces who have been killed in bombardment and fierce clashes since Friday, the 24th of January 2020. 188 jihadis among 249 opposition fighters were killed so far, in addition to the killing of 245 regime soldiers and loyalists of whom there are six foreign militiamen loyal to Iran.