The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Large Turkish military column enters Syria heading to the area of “Putin-Erdogan”

Syrian Observatory activists monitored this morning the entry of a large Turkish military column to the Syrian territory via Kafr Lusin border crossing. The column of 40 military vehicles including tanks, personnel carriers, armored vehicles and military and logistical supplies, headed to the south but no information has been reported yet about its destination.

SOHR sources reported yesterday that the Turkish forces brought logistical and military supplies including tanks, armored vehicles and nearly 20 soldiers into the entrance of Kafr Amim village, east of Saraqeb town. The Turkish forces are installing a new military post at Kafr Amim junction within the so-called Abu Al-Duhur – Saraqeb Highway.

Accordingly, the Turkish forces surrounded Saraqeb town from the northern, southern and eastern sides by installing a military post in each side. This action shows a clear challenge against the Russians.

SOHR sources reported yesterday that Turkish forces set up a new military post at the pharmaceutical factory north of Saraqeb town, after the first post had installed in the area of Al Sawami’e south of Saraqeb.

It is worth mentioning that these two points are located on the Damascus-Aleppo international highway aka M5. It seems that the Turks are defying the Russians and there are disagreements between the two sides over certain points regarding their agreement on the international highway.