The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More casualties among regime forces, bringing the death toll to 13 soldiers killed in Turkish shelling on Hama, Latakia and Idlib

Multiple sources confirmed to the SOHR that the death toll of regime forces rose to 13 as a result of Turkish shelling targeting their positions in “Putin-Erdogan” area.

Eight soldiers killed by shelling on their positions in Idlib, three by shelling on the northern countryside of Latakia, and two by shelling on positions in the northern countryside of Hama. No casualties were reported so far in the Turkish bombardment on Nubl in the northern Aleppo countryside. The death toll is expected to rise as there are more than 20 wounded, some in serious condition.

Turkish forces have intensively shelled regime forces and loyalists positions in Aleppo, Hama, Idlib and Latakia.
SOHR sources have reported earlier that rocket attack carried out by regime forces, on Monday morning, on the Turkish point that had been recently established in Tarnabah area west of Saraqeb town in eastern rural Idlib.

Turkish forces responded to fire, shelling regime forces positions from their positions in Idlib and from inside Turkish territory. This exchange of fire left four Turkish soldiers dead and injured about ten others, while six regime soldiers were killed and others were injured to varying degrees.

Turkish helicopters also evacuated Turkish soldiers of those killed or wounded from Tarnabah. It is noteworthy that Turkish forces stationed in Tarnabah, west of Saraqeb, shortly before the bombardment of regime forces, after regime’s advance in the western frontline of Saraqeb town and captured Jobas village yesterday evening.