U.S. troops block Russian vehicles from reaching Simalka border crossing with northern Iraq • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

U.S. troops block Russian vehicles from reaching Simalka border crossing with northern Iraq

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored a new incident of the ongoing skirmish between Americans and Russians troops in Syria.

SOHR sources report that U.S. forces intercepted on Tuesday Russian military vehicles at the village of Karki Laki east of al-Qamishli, preventing them from passing from the area after Russian forces tried again to reach Al-Malikiyah (Direk) and Simalka border crossing with northern Iraq.

Yesterday, The Syrian Observatory reported a new stand-off between U.S. forces and their Russian counterpart in northeastern Syria, where three Russian helicopters flew over Tall Tamer city, while U.S. helicopters took off from “Qasrk” base to keep their Russian counterpart away from the area, following them until they reached Ras al-Ain airspace in rural al-Hasakeh.

Similarly, Russian vehicles encircled American checkpoint consisting of ten vehicles, which were stationed to prevent Russian patrols from roaming the M4. Russian vehicles then took off-road and crossed the U.S. checkpoint, smoke signals were sent by American helicopters as warning signs for Russian vehicles before returning.

On January 29, Syrian Observatory sources reported that a column of Russian forces set off from Tal Tamr city heading towards al-Hasakah, before being intercepted by an American patrol that was waiting for it at al-Wazir area which is hosting a US base, and prevented it from continuing towards Al-Hasakah.

Verbal altercations took place between both forces and evolved into raising weapons, but the Syria Democratic Forces intervened as a mediator between them.

SOHR sources reported that a Russian column headed to al-Kharita village, located in al-Hasakah road, heading towards Jabal Qazuzana.

The Russian column was intercepted by US Forces which forced the column to get out of the village.

The Observatory sources said that the Russians came to the village to set up a military base in one of the schools.

On last January 21, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the Russian forces have deployed advanced air defense missile systems at al-Qamishli Airbase in the far northeast of Syria, amid escalating tension between Russian forces and their American counterpart in north-eastern region of Syria.

Syrian Observatory activists monitored a state of tension continuing between the U.S. forces and their Russian counterpart. Each side tries to extend its influence and control over the area and the strategic highway of Al-Haskah – Aleppo in particular.

Recently, the area had been a scene of heightened tension and daily skirmishes between both sides. Also the U.S. forces prevented movements of Russian patrols in several areas.

Reliable sources informed the Syrian Observatory that U.S. forces were deployed at the entrances and exits of the strategic town of Tal Tamr which is a link between Al-Hasakah – Al-Qamishli – Aleppo. They were also deployed at the entrance of Abu Rasin (Zarkan) and the junction in Ghabish village, and ran many patrols on Aleppo – Al-Hasakah highway known as “M4”.

These actions come as a part of the U.S. attempts to undermine the Russian role in NE Syria, and prevent the Russians from using the M4 highway in the area, except when heading to the border areas with Turkey.

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