Turkish artillery fire targets regime positions north of Al-Hasakah • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkish artillery fire targets regime positions north of Al-Hasakah

Syrian Observatory activists reported that the Turkish forces fired several artillery shells on positions where regime forces and SDF are stationed in the areas of “Tal Al-Ward, Rubay’at, Kherbet Sha’eer and Um Al-Kief” in Tal Tamr countryside, north of Al-Hasakah.

On February 4, Observatory sources monitored vast displacement movement from Abu Rasin (Zarkan), Kasra and Zahr Al-Arab, just after the Russian forces lowered their flags in areas where regime forces are deployed. This displacement coincides with the unordinary movements of Turkish troops and Turkish-backed “National Army” in Ras Al-Ain countryside, amid residents’ fears of Turkish advancement into the area.

SOHR sources also reported that a Russian military delegation was heading to “Alloka” area to check the water purification station that provides Al-Hasakah province with water, when Turkish forces intercepted it preventing the delegation from crossing. Activists informed SOHR that the Turkish forces opened fire in the air to force the Russians to return back which reflected a side of the escalating disagreement between Russia and Turkey. Such disagreement started to publicly emerge with the reiterated attacks on the Russian airbase of Hmeimim.

According to reliable SOHR sources, when the Russian delegation returned to Abu Rasin area, it lowered all the Russian flags that had been risen with regime flags on posts where regime troops were deployed along the area between Kasra and Tal Tamr.

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