The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

For the second day in a row, regime and Russian aircraft halt their operations in the area of “Putin – Erdogan”

SOHR activists have monitored ongoing cautious calm throughout Idlib province for the second consecutive day, since regime forces captured Saraqeb city, east of Idlib.

The regime and Russian aerial operations’ suspension coincides with cessation of ground shelling and battles on Idlib frontlines. Meanwhile, regime forces are still trying to capture the remaining villages and points over looking the M5 highway in Aleppo.

Yesterday, regime forces clamped down on the Turkish observation post in Al-Eis town in the southern countryside of Aleppo even more.

Over the recent hours and days, regime forces captured more than 35 areas in both southern and western countryside of Aleppo: Khan Tuman, warehouses of Khan Tuman, Al-Khalidyah, Rajam, Hazmer Hills, Kherbet Kharas, Tal Al-Zaytun, Maarata, Al-Rashideen fifth sector, Zammar, Jazraya, Othmaniyah Kaberah, Talafeh, Tal Tabarez, Maharem, Khawwari, Al-Qal’ajiyah, Khalseh, Zitan, Berneh, Al-Huwayr, Abad, I’jaz, Sheikh Ahmed, Tal Karatin, Al-Zahiryah Farm, Al-Aaseriyah, Mak-hala, Rasm Al-Ward and other positions and hills in the area.