Russian jets continue bombing rural Aleppo leaving casualties • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Russian jets continue bombing rural Aleppo leaving casualties

Syrian Observatory sources reported that Russian jets executed several raids early this morning targeting Jam’eyyat Al-Rahhal, Kafr Nuran, the vicinity of Kafr Naha, the vicinity of Urm Al-Kubra and Al-Mansurah in both western and south-western countryside of Aleppo.

The Russian bombardment on Kafr Nuran killed a man and his wife and left many others injured. Meanwhile, the towns and villages of Miznaz, Maarrat Al-Na’san and Kafr Nuran saw growing displacement of civilians from their areas.

Observatory sources reported yesterday that regime forces and loyalists captured IKARDA area following fierce clashes against opposition rebels and jihadis. Regime forces are trying to reach Aleppo city and impose full control over the M5 highway.

Accordingly, the regime forces dominate all important areas overlooking the M5 highway, only a few villages and positions within an area of 15 km separate the regime forces from controlling the entire highway.

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