The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Russian warplanes commit a massacre in rural Aleppo and 20 civilians killed in the “de-escalation” area

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented today a massacre of nine citizens including a woman, where the Russian warplanes bombed Kafr Noran town in the western countryside of Aleppo.

The Syrian Observatory documented the death of four citizens including a child, in the fall of barrel bombs on the town of al-Atareb in the countryside of Aleppo, while two citizens were killed in Sheikh Ali village in Aleppo countryside, after bombing by the Russian warplanes.

The Syrian Observatory had documented the death of three people at least in Russian airstrikes targeted Orem al-Soghra area.

At the same time, a citizen was killed in a bombing by regime warplanes on Ketyan village in Idlib countryside, while a citizen was killed in ground shelling carried out by the regime forces on Jisr al-Shughur city.

Thus, the number of people who have been killed today in ground shelling and airstrikes on the “de-escalation” area increased to 20.