The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

With full Turkish support, Turkish-backed factions and Turkish troops begin intensive rocket attack on regime forces positions, east of Idlib

Activists told SOHR that an intensive rocket attack carried out by Turkish forces and proxies factions on regime forces positions in eastern rural Idlib, where intensive shelling concentrated with dozens of rocket-propelled grenades and artillery on Saraqeb and villages in rural areas.

This offensive comes with movements of Turkish forces and proxies factions from the town of Al Nayrab, amid information that Turks will begin a ground military operation with Syrian proxies factions in the next few hours or days.

Turkish forces also targeted with heavy artillery Jab al-Ramlah airstrip in Hama countryside.

Meanwhile, intensive aerial bombardment continued by regime helicopters and jets and Russian aircraft, with dozens of raids and barrel-bombs nearby Al-Atareb, Kafr Aleppo, Ma’arat al-Na’asan, Shalakh, Kafr Nooran, Jamiyet al-Rahal, near Kafrnaha, near Uram Al Kubrah, al-Mansoura and other places in western and southwestern rural Aleppo.