Many children die in refugee camps due to bad weather • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Many children die in refugee camps due to bad weather

Syrian Observatory activists reported that one displaced child from Maarrat Al-Nu’man died on February 8 in “Al-Qatri camp” in Azaz countryside, because of cold weather and frost prevailing in most of Syria amid lack of heating materials and basic necessities of life.

Another child girl died in Al-Zaytun camp in Al-Sheikh Bahr village in Idlib countryside, affected by the burns she had yesterday after her family’s tent caught fire.

Moreover, two other children were  injured as their tent caught fire in Darat Izza, west of Aleppo. Few days earlier, a fire broke out in a camp in Kafr Bunni in Idlib countryside leaving a child girl dead.

It is noteworthy that refugee camps see reiterative incidents of tents being caught fire because of using unsafe material for heating. Displaced people resort to insecure ways for heating in order to overcome the cold snap and low temperature that reaches seven degrees below zero.

Idlib and Aleppo provinces see ongoing displacement of hundreds of thousands of people into the unknown amid absence of relief support.

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