The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Syrian regime helicopter shot down in Qominas- Al-Nirab and fate of the crew remains unknown

SOHR sources report that a helicopter belonging to Syrian regime fell down after it was targeted over the area between al-Neirab- Qominas in northeastern rural Idlib. The flames were seen coming out of the helicopter as it shot down in the area.

No information has been received to date as to whether the factions targeted the helicopter or the Turkish forces stationed there, while the fate of the crew is still unknown amid information that they were taken prisoner by the factions present in the area there.

On last August 14, a Syrian regime jet was shot down on the frontlines of Ta’ari-Skik in southern rural Idlib after being targeted by the factions, and the pilot was captured by HTS members.

The Syrian Observatory reported at that time that a Syrian regime Sukhoi warplane fell down in the southern countryside of Idlib on the fronlines of Ta’ari-Al Skik, and jihadist groups managed to capture the pilot whose plane was shot down in the southern countryside of Idlib, where he was found between the areas of Al-Taman’a and Ta’ara in the southern countryside of Idlib.