The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

With Turkish artillery support, rebels recover a town north-east of Idlib

SOHR activists documented the killing of six civilians in a new massacre committed by regime jets after targeting different places in Idlib city. The death toll is expected to increase due to the presence of injuries some of whom are in serious conditions.

Separately, opposition factions and jihadi groups recovered Al-Nayrab town to the north-east of Idlib city, after fierce clashes against the regime forces and loyalists and under a cover of intense Turkish artillery fire.

Turkish forces and the factions also fired rockets and guided missiles targeting regime positions which caused destruction of several vehicles affiliated to the regime.

Meanwhile, the Turkish forces stationed in Qumaynas shot down a regime helicopter while flying over Qumaynas – Al-Nayrab area.

For their part, opposition factions fired a guided missile on a regime jet but the missile missed the target.