The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Great tension grows between U.S. and regime forces in Al-Qamishli and U.S. air force bombards the area

Reliable source informed SOHR that a great tension witnessed in Al-Qamishli area in rural al-Hasakah. Syrian Observatory sources said that a group of regime loyalists from the residents of Khirbet Amo village, east of Qamishli, accompanied by armed men loyalists to regime forces intercepted the road of a U.S. patrol while roaming the area there.

Regime loyalists’ gunmen fired in the air, and then U.S. patrol fired smoke bombs. The incident has evolved dramatically where U.S. forces opened fire, killing a person who still unidentified to date whether he was a civilian or regime-backed militiaman.

U.S. aircraft then flew over the area targeting eastern Al-Qamishli, amid confirmed reports that the U.S. patrol had been besieged to date. Information was received that Russian patrol headed to the scene to resolve the tension.