The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More people flee west Aleppo countryside as intensive aerial and ground offensive escalates

Four civilians were killed today in bombardment by Russian jets on Kafr Ammah village in the western countryside of Aleppo. The death toll is expected to rise due to the presence of injuries some of whom are in serious conditions.

Separately, residents of the western countryside of Aleppo are still continuing to flee their areas because of the intensive Russian airstrikes which targeted Atarib, Kafr Ammah, Kafr Nouran, Al-Muhandiseen first countryside, the 46th Regiment, Al-Jinah, Ibbin, Sheikh Ali and other places in the area. Atarib and other towns and villages which used to accommodate hundreds of hundreds of thousands of residents and displaced people became empty almost completely.

On the other hand, regime forces are attempting to advance under a cover of intensive ground shelling with tens of rockets and artillery shells, into the area of Al-Sheikh and capture more positions in the area.