Regime forces continue military operations northwest of Aleppo • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime forces continue military operations northwest of Aleppo

SOHR sources report that regime forces made new advances, seeking to capture Mount Al-Sheikh Aqeel northwest of Aleppo city. Regime forces are trying to bring large areas under their fire range by advancing into Sheikh Aqeel and reaching Mount Al-Sheikh Barakat.

Meanwhile, fierce clashes were accompanied by intense rocket strikes, and these battles come after the accelerated advances that regime forces made on Sunday, capturing dozens of towns, villages and areas north and northwest of Aleppo.

Russian warplanes carried out several raids on areas northwest of Aleppo on Monday morning, and regime forces also bombed areas near Sarmin in rural Idlib.

Yesterday evening, the Syrian Observatory had monitored artillery shelling carried out by regime forces which advanced in northwestern rural Aleppo, targeting Turkish post stationed in the area of Al-Sheikh Aqeel, leaving injuries among Turkish forces, some in serious condition.

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