Turkish forces deploy in new areas, bringing the number of military posts to 35 • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkish forces deploy in new areas, bringing the number of military posts to 35

SOHR sources reported seeing Russian and Turkish forces running a new joint patrol in Ras Al-Ain and Abu Rasin countryside. Four Russian vehicles and four Turkish others started from Sherik crossing on the border with Turkey and toured the villages of Badlik, Malak, Zahr Al-Arab, Abbas, Ibrahimi, Fuqayrah, Hulwah and Arrad in the northern countryside of Abu Rasin and the eastern countryside of Ras Al-Ain, then they returned to Sherik again.

A Russian helicopter escorted the joint patrol flying at low altitude. It is the first joint patrol to be run by the Turkish and Russian forces since the start of tension between the two sides.

On February 6, reliable source informed SOHR that Turkish forces refused again to conduct a joint patrol with their Russian counterpart in northeastern region of Syria.

According to Syrian Observatory sources, a Russian patrol arrived Thursday morning at Sherik border crossing with Turkey in rural al-Derbasiya, waiting the Turkish troops in order to conduct a joint patrol, however, Turkish troops informed the Russians through one of the officers that they will not go out on patrol, and then Russian forces conducted a patrol alone in the villages of rural Derbasia.

The incident was the second of its kind in a few days, as Turkish forces refrained from conducting a joint patrol in rural Ain al-Arab (Kobane).

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