Thousands of civilians in firing range if strategic mountain falls to regime forces • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Thousands of civilians in firing range if strategic mountain falls to regime forces

Tens of Russian jets executed several raids on Ariha, Jabal Al-Arba’in and the vicinity of Sarmin, south and east of Idlib city, along with ongoing intensive Russian airstrikes on Darat Izza, its vicinity and outskirts, and the vicinity of Atarib.

Regime forces seek to impose control over the strategic mountain of Sheikh Barakat which is located to the south-west of Darat Izza. In the case of capturing this strategic mountain, regime forces will bring tens of areas in the western countryside of Aleppo and the north-western countryside of Idlib within fire range, even “Al-Rayhana” in Iskenderun inside the Turkish territory will be within the regime fire range.

The fall of Jabal Al-Sheikh Barakat in regime’s hand puts the lives of tens of thousands of residents and refugees in west Aleppo and north-west of Idlib at risk, since there are many camps in Tala’ada, Al-Dana, Deir Hassan, Tramnin, and other areas. Previous military operations by Russian and regime forces forced hundreds of thousands of civilians to flee their areas in Idlib, Aleppo and Hama, the problem now is the fact that these civilians have no safe place to be sheltered in.

The International Community only condemns the military operations and shows concern about the civilians, and Turkey releases threatens that are completely divorced from the reality, at the time when a real humanitarian catastrophe is getting aggravated.

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