“Regime Shabiha” exhume graves in Aleppo threatening alive and dead oppositionists • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Regime Shabiha” exhume graves in Aleppo threatening alive and dead oppositionists

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored “regime Shabiha” in Hayyan town exhuming cemeteries and destroying them humiliating the remains of martyrs of the Syrian revolution, taking revenge from the oppositionists of the Syrian regime and humiliating the alive displaced relatives of the martyrs.

This comes as the Syrian regime repeatedly claims to protect civilians and open humanitarian crossings, yet still, these actions are a clear message about not accepting the oppositionists of the Syrian regime in their areas and pursuing them whether they were dead or alive.

The Syrian Observatory obtained a video showing tens of these Shabiha breaking graves and digging them out.

The Syrian Observatory also obtained a video showing a group of Shabiha in Aleppo neighborhoods insulting oppositionists and holy places.

]the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published on the 9th of January 2019 that it received a copy of a new video documents violations of  the so-called Shabiha -regime loyalists who abuse power and do illegal actions for the benefit of the regime- within the areas recently came under the regime forces’ control in Idlib countryside.

The video shows a member of the “Homeland Army” talking ironically to the remains of a dead body after being extracted from the tomb, then the regime member started to laugh awfully with two other members.

Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that several members of the Shabiha have broken graves, exhumed tombs, and insulted the remains of dead bodies of people opposed the Syrian regime, without any regard to humanitarian rules or to the differences between them.

SOHR received a video showed several regime loyalists bragging about desecrating cemeteries and destroying tombstones.

Over the past few days, regime loyalists continued to criticize the oppositionists. Observatory activists monitored one of regime loyalists burning his uncle’s house in Maarrat al-Nu’man after the regime forces captured the town, under the pretext that his uncle opposed the regime.

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