The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Russian jets intensify airstrikes on rural Aleppo and Idlib, while rebels target Saraqeb town with rocket-propelled grenades

SOHR sources report that Russian jets renewed intensive raids on areas in rural Idlib and Aleppo, targeting the outskirts of Al-Atareb, Kafr Nooran, Dara Izza, the perimeter of Bala, near al-Sahara and Taqad in western rural Aleppo, Moataf, Deir Sunbul, the outskirts of Ma’aret al-Na’assan and Al-Rakaya in rural Idlib. No casualties were reported to date.

Meanwhile, opposition factions shelled areas in the town of Saraqeb, which is controlled by regime forces in eastern rural Idlib, while regime forces continue intensifying bombardment on places in those areas in rural Aleppo and Idlib.

The Syrian Observatory reported earlier that Turkish forces carried out a rocket attack this morning, on areas controlled by regime forces on frontlines west of Aleppo city. No casualties were reported to date. While Russian jets continued intensive raids on the perimeter of Al-Atareb and the outskirts of Dara Izza and and other places in western rural Aleppo, meanwhile, regime forces continue rocket attack on those areas.