The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Syrian “Homeland Army” loots properties of civilians in areas captured recently in Aleppo city and suburbs

SOHR activists monitored widespread popular resentment prevailing Aleppo city and countryside which are under regime control, as regime soldiers and Shabiha -regime loyalists who abuse power and do illegal actions for the benefit of the regime- continue looting and stealing civilians’ properties.

Houses and shops in areas captured recently by regime forces in Al-Zahraa neighborhood in Aleppo city, towns, villages and farms in north and north-west of Aleppo, have been robbed. According to SOHR sources, looting is being continuing with no one to stop the regime gangsters,  while the stolen objects are sold by regime loyalists and Shabiha in a market there.

“Homeland Army” members hurry to loot and steal what remained of civilians’ belongings, as soon as the Syrian regime imposes control over an area in Syria, after paving the way by regime and Russian jets that destroy public and private properties.