The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Fierce battles continue in Al-Nayrab and Turkish forces shell Saraqeb and surrounding villages intensively

Fierce clashes are still continuing in Al-Nayrab town, east of Idlib, between regime forces and loyalists on one hand, and Turkish troops and Turkish-backed factions on the other. Turkish forces and their proxies launched an offensive on the town enabled them to capture large swathes there, following intensive firepower that paved the way for the attacking forces. Meanwhile, regime forces are attempting to repel the Turkish attack and take the lead.

On the other hand, Turkish forces shelled Saraqeb city and the villages of Afes and Maarrat Alya in its countryside intensively, amid anticipation for attacks on these areas in the case of taking control of Al-Nayrab. For their part, regime forces have sent reinforcements to the frontlines there.

Separately, regime and Russian jets are still continuing their bombardment on Qumaynas, Sarmin and other areas in the western countryside of Aleppo.

Hours ago, Observatory sources reported that Turkish forces and factions fired many rockets on regime positions in Al-Nayrab town in Idlib countryside, along with mobilizations by Turkish and factions in the outskirts of Qumaynas and Sarmin. A new ground military operation is expected to be launched in Al-Nayrab, following an operation a few days ago led to temporary takeover of the town which was quickly recaptured by regime forces.

Meanwhile, regime jets bombed areas near Qumaynas, Tal Musaybin and the vicinity of Ariha city, while Russian jets renewed bombardment on Shahranaz and Horta in Jabal Shashaboo.