The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

US – Russia tension in NE Syria: U.S. forces intercept Russian military column on M4

Reliable sources informed the Syrian Observatory that U.S. forces blocked the way of a Russian military column of six vehicles on Aleppo – Al-Hasakah highway (M4), while the Russian vehicles were heading to Amuda area in the northern countryside of Al-Hasakah.

On February 3, SOHR sources monitored a new stand-off between U.S. forces and their Russian counterpart in NE Syria. According to the sources, three Russian helicopters flew over Tall Tamer city, while U.S. helicopters took off from “Qasrk” base to keep the Russian helicopters away from the area. The American helicopters pursued the Russian helicopters until they reached the airspace of Ras al-Ayn in rural al-Hasakah.

On the other hand, Russian vehicles drove around an American checkpoint as ten U.S. vehicles were stationed there to prevent the Russian patrols from roaming the M4. the Russian vehicles took off-road and crossed the area where U.S. troops were stationed. American helicopters sent smoke signals as warning signs for Russian vehicles which forced them to return.