Israeli drone kills fighter in "Syrian Resistance to Liberate Golan" in Al-Quneitra • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Israeli drone kills fighter in “Syrian Resistance to Liberate Golan” in Al-Quneitra

SOHR sources report that an Israeli drone struck the vehicle of a fighter in “Syrian Resistance forces to Liberate Golan Heights”, leaving him dead. According to SOHR sources, the targeting occurred at the southern entrance of Hudr town in Al-Quneitra countryside.

On February 24, Syrian Observatory activists reported that the Israeli bombardment on positions, south of Damascus, left six fatalities: two Palestinians in Islamic Jihad Movement and four Iranian-backed militiamen one of whom is Syrian. The identity of the other three militiamen is still unknown.

The Israeli strikes hit a position where the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and Islamic Jihad Movement were located in the south of the capital Damascus, a few kilo meters away from Damascus international airport.

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