Opposition factions capture more areas in south Idlib as regime forces advance into Saraqeb • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Opposition factions capture more areas in south Idlib as regime forces advance into Saraqeb

Turkish-backed rebel and jihadi factions are attempting to advance further into the southern countryside of Idlib as fierce battles are underway at the entrances of Kafr Nubl town.

On the other hand, clashes are underway on frontlines of Saraqeb city between regime forces, loyalists and Iranian-backed militias on one hand, and opposition factions and jihadi groups on the other. Regime forces achieved further advances into the north-eastern parts.

Syrian Observatory sources reported seeing regime military reinforcement arriving in the vicinity of Saraqeb as a part of preparations for storming the city.

SOHR activists have documented the killing of 23 rebels, including 11 jihadis, during the battles in Saraqeb frontlines.

The factions captured the villages of Kafr Mous, Faterah, Sfuhen and Hazarin, bringing the number of areas captured by the factions since the start of attack on Idlib and Hama on February 24 to 31: (1) Al-Nayrab, (2) Maarrat Alya, (3) Saan, (4) Afes, (5) Al-Salihya, (6) Mujayzer, (7) Saraqeb, (8) Tarbanah, (9) Shabour, (10) Dadikh, (11) Kafr Batikh (12) Jubas, (13) Kansafra, (14) Al-Mawzarah, (15) Quqfin, (16) Kafr Oweid, (17) Al-Halloubah, (18) Al-Duqmaq, (19) Al-Zaqum, (20) Qulaydin, (21) Al-Qahera, (22) Al-Ankawi, (23) Al-Manarah, (24) Al-Dar Al-Kaberah, (25) Fulayfil, (26) Al-Tawilah, (27) Kawkaba, (28) Kafr Mous, (29) Faterah, (30) Sfuhen and (31) Hazarin.

Separately, regime jets bombarded Sfuhen and Kawkaba in rural Idlib, bringing the number of today’s airstrikes to 90.

Meanwhile, Russian jets executed 70 raids today targeting both Idlib and Hama countryside.

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