The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

18 air strikes on the Zawiya mount and Busra al-sham

Idlib province: Warplanes went in 9 air strikes on the Zawiya mount including 4 around Hanotin and 5 around Der Sonbol and its outskirts. Helicopters dropped explosive barrels on al-Khazzanat camp south if Idlib which is taken over by Jabhat al-Nusra. Warplanes raided Taftanaz military airport which is taken over by al-Nusra and Islamic battalions, no reports of losses. 


Dar’a province: 13 rebel and Islamic fighters including a commander in an Islamic battalion were killed by clashes in Busra al-Sham yesterday, amid targeting the area with 9 air strikes since this morning and bombing it with explosive barrels. explosive barrels also fell on Tafas, Saida, Ma’raba and Jamrin.Regime forces bombarded areas in al-Jeza, no reports of losses.