"Reconcile with regime or leave to N Syria": Russia mediates a deal between Syrian regime and former fighters in Daraa • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Reconcile with regime or leave to N Syria”: Russia mediates a deal between Syrian regime and former fighters in Daraa

Daraa Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: reliable sources have informed the Syrian Observatory that cautious calm is prevailing in Al-Sanamayn city in the northern countryside of Daraa 24 hours after dramatic developments in the city.

According to SOHR sources, regime forces brokered an agreement with opposition former fighters, under Russia’s supervision, stipulated for settling the security situation of people who want to stay in the city and evacuating the oppositionists to north Syria.

It is noteworthy that seven opposition fighters were killed yesterday in shelling and clashes with regime forces in Al-Sanamayn city.

SOHR sources reported earlier this morning that clashes renewed in Al-Sanamayn city, north of Daraa, between regime forces and loyalists on one hand, and former fighters in opposition factions on the other. The clashes coincided with artillery shelling by regime forces in order to storm the area.

On the other hand, unknown assailants attacked regime positions, checkpoints and outposts in the past few hours in different places in Daraa countryside.

In Al-Sahwah village, unknown assailants targeted a regime military post with machineguns and RPG. Other gunmen attacked “Al-Hajjanah” checkpoint in Hayt village, west of Daraa.

In other separate incidents, unknown gunmen attacked two checkpoints of the “Air-Force Intelligence” nearby Al-Harrak and in an area between Alma and Al-Surah. The attacks left human losses.

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