Drinking water re-pumped to Al-Hasakah city after interruption for 12 days • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Drinking water re-pumped to Al-Hasakah city after interruption for 12 days

Reliable sources have informed SOHR that drinking water have been re-pumped again, supplying Al-Hasakah city and areas in its countryside, 12 days after being interrupted by Turkish forces stationed in Allouk water purification station in Ras Al-Ain (Sere Kaniye).

This development came after the “Autonomous Administration” approved to provide Al-Mabroukah power plant, which supplies the areas of Tal Abyad in the north of Al-Raqqah and Ras Al-Ain in the north of Al-Hasakah, with larger amount of electricity.

On February 26, SOHR sources report that two Russian vehicles roamed the southern countryside of Al-Darbasiya area in rural Al-Hasakah, before the two vehicles heading to a checkpoint belonging to Turkish forces and proxy factions about 1 km away from Al-Assadiyah area, north of Abu Rasin.

According to Observatory sources, Russians went to the checkpoint in order to mediate the entry of Syrian Red Crescent and Red Cross vehicles to the village of Alouk, which houses a water wells plant. After preventing them from passing through by the Turks present in the area, before they were allowed to cross with Russian mediation.

The Red Crescent and Red Cross headed to Alouk in order to repair the malfunctions at the station there, which supply the city of Hasaka with drinking water.

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