Nearly 20 Russian vehicles heading to Qamishli from Ain Issa • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Nearly 20 Russian vehicles heading to Qamishli from Ain Issa

Activists have informed SOHR that more than 19 vehicles belonging to Russian forces arrived in Al-Darbasiya area on their way to the city of Al-Qamishli. According to SOHR sources, the vehicles are armored vehicles, tanks and personnel carriers coming from the area of Ain Issa in the northern countryside of Raqqa heading towards Al-Qamishli in rural of Al-Hasakeh.

SOHR sources reported earlier that a Russian military column headed towards the area of Ain Issa in northern countryside of Raqqa, where 11 Russian military vehicles set off on Monday morning from Al-Qamishli to Amuda, Darbasiya and Abu Rasin in al-Hasakah countryside, continuing thier way to Ain Issa north of the city of Raqqa.

According Observatory sources, the column had arrived in Al-Qamishli two weeks ago and the vehicles unloaded their cargo and returned to Ain Issa. A Russian column of 20 armoured vehicles entered the town of Ain Issa on Sunday.

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