The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Deteriorating security chaos in Idlib: unknown gunmen storm NLF headquarters and steal weapons and military vehicle

A state of security vacuum is prevailing in the controlled areas of Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham and opposition factions in Idlib province. SOHR activists have confirmed that unknown gunmen stormed headquarters of the “National Liberation front” (NLF), near Fayloun village in Idlib countryside. The attackers stole a rocket launcher, weapons and a vehicle.

On November 22, unidentified young man was found dead with marks of gunshots at chest, in a deserted area near the road between Idlib and Maarrat Misrin in the western countryside of Idlib. It has been revealed that the young man was in his thirties and he was shot dead four days earlier. This incident came as wide-spread security disorder prevailing in the areas controlled by HTS and opposition factions.