Coronavirus spreads in four Syrian provinces with Syrian regime's complete secrecy   • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Coronavirus spreads in four Syrian provinces with Syrian regime’s complete secrecy  

Several medical sources in regime-controlled areas have confirmed to SOHR that the virus (COVID-19) known as the coronavirus has spread mainly in the governorates of Damascus, Tartus, Latakia and Homs.

Many coronavirus cases have been recorded, some of whom have died and some have been quarantined.

The Syrian Observatory contacted doctors at several hospitals in those provinces. The doctors confirmed that they were given strict orders from the authorities of the Syrian regime to remain silent and refrain from talking about the outbreak of the coronavirus.

A large number of Iranians coming in and out of Syria to visit religious sites, as well as the Iranian forces which have already deployed there and entered Syria with their families.

Iran has recorded thousands of coronavirus cases, with dozens of people dead. The Syrian regime suspended flights yesterday to and from Iran and Iraq.

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