Tense calm prevails in the "de-escalation" zone as new ceasefire enters its second week • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Tense calm prevails in the “de-escalation” zone as new ceasefire enters its second week

SOHR sources have monitored tense calm prevailing the area of “Putin – Erdogan” as the new ceasefire entered its second consecutive week. The first week saw a state of calm which prevailed throughout the area along with full suspension of aerial bombardment.

The violations limited to sporadic rocket attacks by regime forces on areas controlled by opposition factions and jihadis in Idlib and Hama. Also the first hours of the new ceasefire experienced fierce clashes in Sahl Al-Ghab and the south of Idlib, which left many casualties among the ranks of jihadi factions and regime forces. While regime forces held on positions in the areas of Maarrat Mukhas and Al-Burayj nearby Kafr Nubl without resistance by the factions.

Yesterday, SOHR sources monitored an artillery shelling by regime forces, stationed in Al- Jub Al- Ahmar, on Kabana frontlines and roads leading to it in Latakia countryside. No casualties were reported.

SOHR sources said earlier that day that Jihadist factions and regime forces exchanged fire by heavy machineguns on frontlines of Al-Dar Al-Kabira in southern Idlib countryside. Regime forces also fired several artillery shells targeting Kafr Amma village in the western countryside of Aleppo.

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