The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkish-backed factions and Syriac Military Council forces exchange shelling in Tal Tamer countryside

The Syrian Observatory has monitored this evening artillery shelling by Turkish-backed factions from their positions in Tal Sha’ir, targeting the village of Um al-Kif in Tal Tamer countryside.

Meanwhile, Syrian Military Council and regime forces have shelled Turkish-backed factions in the area. No casualties have been reported to date.

Syrian Observatory activists reported that the Turkish forces and their Syrian proxies carried out rocket attacks in the early hours of Saturday morning, targeting places in Um Al-Khair and Al-Tawila villages. These villages are controlled by the Syriac Military Council and regime forces in Tal Tamr town, north of Al-Hasakah.

The shelling caused material damage but no casualties were reported.

Meanwhile, regime forces and the Syriac Military Council responded to fire with similar shelling.

On March 6, SOHR sources monitored artillery shelling by Turkish forces on the key village of Om al-Kief in Tal Tamr countryside. The shelling comes after a few days of cautious calm in the area.

Observatory activists reported on March 2 that Turkish-backed factions fired several artillery shells, targeting the vicinity of Om al-Kief village, north of Tal tamer town in al-Hasakah countryside.