U.S. forces intercept Russian patrol on M4 in Al-Hasakah • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

U.S. forces intercept Russian patrol on M4 in Al-Hasakah

SOHR sources have confirmed that a U.S. military patrol intercepted a Russian patrol on Al-Hasakah – Aleppo international highway (M4), in the area between Al-Qamishli and Al-Hasakah. The U.S. patrol forced the Russians to take another route. This incident comes as a part of the ongoing hassles between the two sides, especially on the M4 highway.

On March 9, reliable source informed SOHR that a Russian military column of tanks and heavy weapons set off from Qamishli airport towards Tal Tamer town via the M4 road. U.S. forces intercepted the convoy and prevented it from entering Tal Tamer.

Russian vehicles returned to Darbasiya, then they headed towards Abu Rasin (Zarkan) to Tal Tamer.

SOHR reported hours ago that more than 19 Russian military vehicles arrived in Al-Darbasiya area on their way to the city of Al-Qamishli. According to SOHR sources, the vehicles were armored vehicles, tanks and personnel carriers coming from Ain Issa area in the northern countryside of Raqqa heading towards Al-Qamishli in rural Al-Hasakah.

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