Jellin's people flee to western Al-Yarmouk Basin to prevent further military escalation by regime forces • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Jellin’s people flee to western Al-Yarmouk Basin to prevent further military escalation by regime forces

Daraa governorate – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:

SOHR sources say that civilians have fled today from the town of Jillin and Al-Masakin, to the town of Tal Shihab and the towns of western Al-Yarmouk Basin, after being shelled yesterday, and for the fear of further escalation by regime forces in the area.

On March 18, the Syrian Observatory monitored an attack by gunmen on several positions of regime forces in Nawa city in western countryside of Daraa, including the political security building and military security and the building of the district directorate. No casualties were reported to date.

The Syrian Observatory has documented further fatalities among civilians as a result of rocket attacks on Jillin town. Civilian death toll in Jillin town has risen to eight, including at least two children. Clashes erupted between opposition factions on one side and regime forces and loyalists on the other in Masakin Jillin and surroundings area.  Opposition factions were able to kill three regime soldiers pushing regime forces to withdraw to their military barracks.

Meanwhile, regime forces have shelled Tasil town in Daraa countryside. No casualties have been reported to date.

Observatory sources added that the shelling source originated from regime military barracks located near the city of Izra’a, the military post in Tal al-Khader between the cities of Da’il and Tafas, and the municipal stadium in Daraa.

SOHR sources reported earlier that regime soldiers opened fire, using medium machine guns, on three former commanders in opposition factions, while the commanders were passing by Masakin Jillin checkpoint in western rural Daraa.

The targeted commander worked for the “Central Commission” for public affairs in western rural Daraa.

It is noteworthy that the soldiers who shot the commanders were a part of reinforcement of regime forces which were brought in this morning to the area.

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