Turkish forces run third patrol alone on M4 in less than two days • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkish forces run third patrol alone on M4 in less than two days

Syrian Observatory activists say that Turkish troops patrolled Aleppo-Latakia international highway (M4), starting from Trenbeh village, west of Saraqeb city, to Musaybin village, east of Idlib.

Last night SOHR sources reported that Turkish Forces conducted a patrol alone between Trenbeh village and Musaybin on Aleppo – Latakia highway. That was the second patrol in less than 24 hours.

Observatory activists reported earlier that morning that unknown individuals re-erected soil barriers, blocking Latakia-Aleppo international highway (M4) near Al-Nayrab town, east of Idlib. It is noteworthy that Turkish forces had removed soil barriers in these areas, clearing the way for running joint patrols with the Russians.

SOHR sources also monitored that Turkish engineering vehicles entered “de-escalation zone” in order to complete the reopening of M4 highway. Turkish forces set up 14 guarding outposts on Aleppo-Latakia international highway, from Al-Nayrab town to outskirts of Bsanqol village.

Turkish forces also conducted a military patrol consisting of ten armored vehicles, setting off from Al-Tarnaba town heading towards Muhambil on the M4, while HTS secured the road for those vehicles.

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