The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkish rocket fire on Tal Rifaat leaves many civilians injured

SOHR activists have reported that Turkish forces stationed nearby Azaz city fired several rockets on Tal Rifaat city, north of Aleppo. The city is controlled by Kurdish and regime forces, also a Russian military base is located there.

The shelling injured two civilians who have been displaced from Afrin.

On March 23, SOHR activists said that an elderly man was seriously injured today by artillery shelling carried out by Turkish-backed factions, targeting the village of Um al-Hawaash in areas held by Kurdish forces, north of Aleppo.

On March 19, SOHR monitored intensive artillery shelling by Turkish forces and proxy factions, targeting the outskirts of Tal Rifa’at and the village of Shughanki and surroundings in areas controlled by Kurdish forces, north of Aleppo. No casualties were reported to date.

Meanwhile, Kurdish forces shelled Afrin town with rocket-propelled grenades, leaving several people injured.