The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Two young people from Daraa kidnapped in Al-Suwaidaa countryside

Reliable SOHR sources have confirmed that unknown assailants kidnapped two young men in Al-Qaraya town in the western sector of Al-Suwaidaa province in southern Syria. The kidnapped people are from Bosra Al-Sham in Daraa, while the reasons behind kidnapping them have yet to be known.

Yesterday, SOHR activists said that people of Al-Brika village, north of Al-Sweida, found the body of an unidentified person with marks of torture on. According to Observatory sources, the person was killed a few days earlier.

Al-Sweida province has seen a big uptick in gang’s activities, including kidnapping, killing and car theft.

On March 16, SOHR sources reported that unidentified gunmen kidnapped a young man and stole another person’s car, after cutting off the road near the village of “Sama Al-Hanidat” in rural Al-Sweida.

Many civilians and local factions gathered following the incident at the junction of Al-Tira village, west of Al-Sweida, amid heightened tension.